Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fumbling Through Pages...and life

"Everybody turn with me to..."

It's Sunday morning and there I was in church fumbling through pages in my Bible and trying to quickly get myself to the same passage my pastor was already reading. Today it was Matthew 7:24-26 and I was struggling with distraction. Distraction from everything!

--could I see Pastor Steve or was I going to have to watch him on the screen (and possible deal with the sound/sight delay)
--where's my pen
--my pants are too tight and my lips are chapped
--and the inevitable can the person in front of me smell my coffee breath which then had me reaching for my purse to grab some gum ~after taking another sip of my coffee~.

I guess something or someone really didn't want me hear the message today.(Yeah, Satan, I'm talking about you so you better listen up!)

Just when I thought everything was in order, I turn the page to the start of Matthew chapter 7 and there I go again reading a devotional at the top of the page rather than going straight to the correct verse. Fortunately, my God was able to overcome my distraction. And, boy, did he ever!!!

Last night, I sat crying over all the crazy dreams and desires and life experiences and yada yada yada. Too much to want and be. Too little time and money to do it. Flopping around like a fish out of water. Unable to go, do, be, ...

Just before bed, when all is suppose to be winding down and getting quiet, my heart/brain pops into overdrive. Why do I have to a flopper? I can make a ~Want~Wish~Dream~Hope~Give~Do~BE!!!~Bucket List. Right? RIGHT?? By the way, you totally have to do the Stevie Wonder head shaking thing and sway your body when you read that!

Couple that with a message ~SO PERFECT~ and even that distracting little devotional which I will be studying later since it's titled PRIORITIES: Planning Your Days...lets just say my head is being held PRETTY high right now. I'm quite certain this high, like many highs in life, will be followed by a low or two, BUT the ride should be interesting. 

God, as always, intends great things for me. Even in the little, day-to-day things...He has a plan and gives me the desire and ability to fulfill His plan. It's the dreams and wishes of my heart that will help keep me moving and growing.  

So...stay tuned...

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