Monday, April 2, 2012

A New Season

Sports Sports Sports!

With three boys in the house, we were bound to get to this point. Practice nearly every afternoon during the week. Games on Saturday. Snack schedules and making banners. Extra laundry. Trying to avoid fast food drive-thru's even though there's barely any time to prepare dinner. I wouldn't say I dreaded it...but I was definitely unsure of the effects it would have on all of us.

So, we're 2 weeks into the season and are adjusting surprisingly well to the practice schedules. Mom's homework and sleep have suffered slightly, but should even out and return to some sort of normalcy after this week. Dad's been a great help building the boys skills. And, Gavin is enjoying making new friends with siblings of the other teammates.

This past Saturday we weathered an unseasonably warm, 90 degree, sun-shiny day and cheered on two of our boys as they played their first games of the Spring season. 

Mr. M is trying his hand at Baseball for the first time as a Skyhawk! Mom needed a bit of a learning curve to figure out the rules, stances, etc., but Dad's had lots of practice in this area. Baseball definitely suits Mr. M's personality much better than soccer did.

He went to bat twice this game. The first time he hit a line drive just to the right of 1st base and was tagged out. His second time resulted in a pitch right to his kidney! He's one tough kid and his walk brought in the first run for his team!

Sweet C is having fun with soccer this season and is doing a great job helping his team The Little Scorpions. This season the kids are working on learning positions and playing defensively. It's really fun to see the growth in the playing skills.

On Saturday, he had me and Dad (and brothers too) on our feet cheering as he controlled the ball across nearly half of distance of the field, kicking it straight for the goal where it was blocked by another player at the last second!

Mom needs to step up her action picture taking skills's tough to get a good shot. :/

Even though Lil' G isn't playing a sport this season, his presence is certainly made know to all. He leads the best cheer section EVER! He's so encouraging to his brothers and their teammates. 

Needless to say, I'm one proud Momma!