Saturday, July 28, 2012

You Can Do It!

Excuse the upcoming all-caps for a's warranted...I promise.


Sprinkled throughout my first day of training were sweet messages from a few of those closest to me. In the midst of my over-thinking, God new just what I needed to break me away from my self doubt.

"good luck today! you will do great!"

"Hope its a great day of learning for you!"

And my favorite, "i seriously hope your phone is turned off or on vibrate, but wanted to tell you i love you and am super proud of you!!!"

Most of my anxiety related more to meeting new people rather than whether or not I could actually do my job. It was high school all over again. I was never the one anyone really chose as a friend. I always felt awkward and on the outside of every conversation. My insecurity often comes across as a less than flattering B word that ends with itch. I didn't eat lunch alone either day so I'll consider that a success.

So....what have I learned after sitting in a room with about 130 other new teachers? If you try, you can learn something from anybody and any situation. Even if you are learning exactly what not to do. It's all about perspective and what you make of it. Also, yes, my brain still works and is able to conjure up things learned long ago just as if I'd learned them yesterday.

And in other news, the babysitter is still alive, as are the kids. The house is still standing and no authorities were called. The sitter even agreed to come back this coming week. While sodas and snacks were consumed when they shouldn't have and powdered creamer dusted the better part of my kitchen, overall ...all is good.

Ok, back to watching the Olympics! By the way, how great was the men's road race today! Loved getting to see so much of the London scenery. BEAUTIFUL!



  1. Didn't realize that you started training today. For some reason, I thought it was Monday. But I am glad things went well for you. You know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. I know you are a great Mom and wife and am sure you will be a great teacher as well. I love you kido! - Mom

  2. Great post! You've got this!!