Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello Again! How've you been?

I will update this blog. I will update this blog.

Gosh, do I really have time to update this blog?

I would say that life is busy, but I really hate that phrase. It drags along the enormous, overbearing baggage of "I'm a frazzled mom who just can't keep the days straight let alone finish the dishes or remember calendar commitments." Nope, life is not's just life.

Since my last post, we have changed jobs, changed residency, and changed hearts. We are learning to accept a new kind of normal with smiles on our faces. Not those forced smiles, but genuine REAL cheesy smiles, because life is too short to be anything but happy.

Our kiddos are growing. Mr. M ---who's too smart for his own good--- informed us the other day that in 11 years he'd be 21 and then he'd be allowed to sit in the sports bar area of a restaurant and watch TV while eating his chicken strips and fries. Let's hope that's all he's doing in there. Sweet C is taking on the role of middle child with more gusto than I care for him to have, but I'm hoping that determination will pay off in adult life...if he survives that long. And, Lil' G isn't quite so little any more. That kid is just nuts. We really should begin marketing his comedy tour. We'd probably find ourselves with a nice nest egg from the profits of his antics and heart-melting grin.

Hmmmm, lets see if I have a picture to brighten your day!

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