Friday, January 21, 2011 that you?

Did 2010 really end that quick?


Over the course of two moves, job changes, and all the other craziness of 2010, we've sort of forgotten about having fun and enjoying life. So, 2011 is all about getting back to having fun and enjoying God's blessings. We're breaking out old hobbies, creating new ones, and actually doing more than sitting around.

First up...what to do when school gets closed for an entire week due to a little snow and A LOT of ice? It's a good thing there is a fresh supply of Christmas presents to keep everyone entertained.

With what seemed like a million tiny pieces of plastic connectors spread all over the TV room floor, we set out building a HUGE, double ferris wheel. Not an easy task.

Morgan and Christian are great engineers. They worked really hard looking at the instruction pictures and following all the tedious steps needed to create their masterpiece.

They only needed a little help and a bunch of encouragement from mom to finish.

After two days, we finally completed the giant, double ferris wheel. It is now proudly displayed in the living room.

Up next, mom's wearing her glasses all the time and turning into an old lady. :)

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